How It's Made


I believe fully that simple is best. You won’t find a lot of fancy ingredients in my products like avocado, mango butter, or hempseed oil, but what you will find is goat milk from a local farmer that is loaded with moisturizing fats and vitamins that are good for your skin. You’ll find tallow from grass fed beef that gives the soap a creamy lather, and extra moisturizing benefits. You’ll find olive oil that has been infused with herbs that are soothing for your skin. It may sound old fashioned, because it is. I like to be old fashioned on purpose because oftentimes, it what works best! 

Any honey or beeswax that goes into a product comes from my beehives. I practice treatment free beekeeping, which means I don’t use any chemicals to treat for diseases and pests. I believe that the bees know what they’re doing a lot more than I do, and feel that it is more important to build strong colonies that are able to resist disease instead of dumping chemicals on them to help fend off anything undesirable. Studies show that many of the pests and diseases that bees can get are becoming immune to the chemicals used to treat them, so in turn the beekeeper must use stronger, more potent chemicals. It is certainly possible to raise bees treatment free, and allow them to build strong resistant colonies!

I grow majority of the herbs used in my products. Anything I can’t grow, I make sure to either get from a local supplier. If I don’t have access to one, I order it organic from reputable companies. It is important to me to keep everything as local as possible!