I’m a Pennsylvania mountain native, who then lived along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland for five years. And while both places have a big piece of my heart, I am now very happy to call the peach state of Georgia, “home."

It took me quite a few years to discover my passion for homesteading and running this business of mine. I started out in cosmetology, and even worked at a few world-renowned resort spas (still some of my fondest memories) but the passion fizzled out. I took some college courses while working 3 different jobs, and then one semester at college majoring in PR and Communications. To say that I hated college was an understatement. I would hear people always say how college was so exciting, that they loved it, had fun, and loved their major. I kept waiting for that moment to happen, and it never did. I decided college wasn't for me, and left with no regrets after the first semester. I continued to search for my big passion, and dabbled in a few more random jobs along the way such as; “sandwich artist” at subway, working at a daycare center, and then becoming a private nanny, which I actually did enjoy because I love kids! But none of these were things I wanted long term, only as a way to make money until I found what made my soul happy


It was after much soul searching that I decided that I wanted to be my own boss. I love my freedom, hate being told what to do, and hate having to adhere to someone else’s schedule. So I decided to just go for it and trust my gut- I was right. I have never been as passionate about anything as I am with my business and homesteading!

With each year my business continues to grow, and the dreams I have of owning chickens and goats gets closer. The visions of a farm stand full of homegrown veggies, flowers, and herbs along with homemade soaps get more real, and I am striving each day to build the life I’ve always dreamed of.

A few random facts about me:

- I love shopping at thrift stores, and get 95% of my clothes and household items from them. But I still love a good shopping trip to Target, too!

- I’m lefthanded, but do almost everything (except writing) with my right hand. I was showing signs of ambidexterity when I was in elementary school, but the school had me work with someone to “correct” the “problem”.

- I have always had a severe learning disability in math and science, but excel tremendously in spelling and reading.

- I took dance for a few years. I also sang in chorus, played piano, and played the saxophone.

- Some of my favorite movies are Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.

- My biggest fear is deep water. The thought of unknown critters in the water I can't see, and drowning are terrifying to me!

- My favorite animal is…all of them! I literally love all animals. There is not a single animal out there that I wouldn’t try to pet!