Postpartum Bath Tea
Postpartum Bath Tea
Postpartum Bath Tea

Postpartum Bath Tea

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A beautiful gift to give an expecting mama, or even yourself if you are a mama to be! This herbal sitz bath is for providing healing relief after childbirth.

Each reusable and recyclable glass jar contains a healing blend of organic herbs such as uva ursi, chamomile, raspberry leaf, lavender, calendula, comfrey leaf, and epsom salts. There are enough herbs for about 3 baths. For all of the fantastic ways to use this herbal blend, see below...

For a bath- Mix up herbal mixture first, to get any salts that may have settled to the bottom. Add about 1 cup of herbs to 2 quarts of boiling water. Remove water from heat and let sit for 20 minutes. Strain, add to bathwater and soak.

For Peri Bottle- Brew the above ratio and add to bottle to use as a rinse while going to the bathroom.

For Cold Compress- Make brewed mixture, let cool. Add cloth pads to soak up the tea and stick in freezer.

***The wooden spoon pictured is just a prop, this tea does not come with a scoop!***In an effort to be less wasteful, do not be surprised if your order arrives at your door in reused packaging. While I strive to keep the packaging on my products plastic free, I do use recycled bubble mailers, along with random boxes, kraft paper, etc. We here at The Bearded Bee Homestead adore our planet, and encourage you to reuse/recycle our packaging as well. We promise that although the outside may not be pretty, the inside will look (and smell) wonderful. It is whats on the inside that counts anyways, right?