Nursing Balm
Nursing Balm
Nursing Balm

Nursing Balm

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A must have for breastfeeding mama's who prefer natural relief for sore, cracked nipples. This product is perfectly safe for both mama and baby, so there's no need to wash off between nursing sessions. Simply apply a thin layer to nipples after each feeding.
This balm is made WITHOUT parabens, fragrances, flavors, dyes, or most common allergens.
What it DOES contain is an olive oil that I infuse with my own home grown organic herbs such as:

- Lady’s Mantle- known for helping to reduce pain and speed up the healing process of cracked skin.

- Marshmallow Root- known to help skin retain its natural moisture, keeping skin from getting too dried out and cracking in the first place.

- Chamomile- known to act as a mild and natural antiseptic, helping to prevent infections on the skin.

- Calendula- known to soothe and calm sore skin.

Beeswax from my own beehives and shea butter are also added. Simple and clean- just the way it should be! This makes a great gift for any crunchy mama to be!

***In an effort to be less wasteful, do not be surprised if your order arrives at your door in reused packaging. While I strive to keep the packaging on my products plastic free, I do use recycled bubble mailers, along with random boxes, kraft paper, etc. We here at The Bearded Bee Homestead adore our planet, and encourage you to reuse/recycle our packaging as well. We promise that although the outside may not be pretty, the inside will look (and smell) wonderful. It is whats on the inside that counts anyways, right?