Natural Diaper Cream
Natural Diaper Cream
Natural Diaper Cream

Natural Diaper Cream

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Baby skin is so delicate and sensitive, so why put chemical and preservative laden commercial creams on them? This diaper cream is a safe, natural way to protect your babies bottom! (And it's cloth diaper friendly!)

+ One of my key ingredients that makes this cream so nice is the olive oil. I infuse pure olive oil with organic Calendula flower. Calendula is a natural antimicrobial, helping to prevent bad bacteria and yeast from growing. It's also very soothing and gentle on the skin.
+ Beeswax from my own hives is then added, along with Zinc Oxide to provide a natural barrier from moisture on baby's bum.
+ Then comes shea butter, coconut oil (another natural anti fungal oil), and arrowroot powder.

Together, these ingredients make a gentle and protective cream! This diaper cream is nothing like commercial brand creams. The consistency will be somewhat harder, like a balm, but melts easily into a smooth and creamy consistency. A little bit goes a long way!

Each diaper cream comes in a 2 oz recyclable/reusable glass jar.

***In an effort to be less wasteful, do not be surprised if your order arrives at your door in reused packaging. While I strive to keep the packaging on my products plastic free, I do use recycled bubble mailers, along with random boxes, kraft paper, etc. We here at The Bearded Bee Homestead adore our planet, and encourage you to reuse/recycle our packaging as well. We promise that although the outside may not be pretty, the inside will look (and smell) wonderful. It is what's on the inside that counts anyways, right?***