Herbal Milk Bath
Herbal Milk Bath
Herbal Milk Bath

Herbal Milk Bath

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Relax your body and mind with this luxurious Herbal Milk Bath!
-This milk bath contains powdered goat milk, which is not only very nourishing for even the most sensitive of skin, but it's loaded with lactic acid. Lactic acid basically dissolves old skin cells keeping your skin soft, healthy, and glowing!

-I add colloidal oats to this soak to give it a silky feel in the water, as well as provide extra soothing qualities for the skin. It's great if you have eczema!

-The Epsom salts in this soak work wonders at soothing sore and tired muscles.

-Organic homegrown herbs and flowers such as lavender, rose petal, and cornflowers are added for an extra touch of pretty!

-This milk bath is unscented, but still has that "milky" smell to it. Feel free to add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to your bath water to make it the ultimate spa experience! I personally recommend lavender, geranium, or eucalyptus.

-Technically, each bag should get you 2-3 baths, but you can add as much or as little as you like. If you want to avoid cleaning any herbs out of your tub once you're finished, put the soak in a breathable fabric bag or tie up in some cheesecloth before adding to your bath water!

***In an effort to be less wasteful, do not be surprised if your order arrives at your door in reused packaging. While I strive to keep the packaging on my products plastic free, I do use recycled bubble mailers, along with random boxes, kraft paper, etc. We here at The Bearded Bee Homestead adore our planet, and encourage you to reuse/recycle our packaging as well. We promise that although the outside may not be pretty, the inside will look (and smell) wonderful. It is whats on the inside that counts anyways, right? ***